After Tesla There Is Another Huge Turkish Conglomerate That Is Going in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have made inroads into the business strategies of some of the leading companies in the world. The recent announcement by leading electric automobile manufacturer, Tesla regarding its acquisition of $1.5 billion worth Bitcoin and its plans to accept crypto payments is a glaring example of such a shift.

As big brands and businesses line up to adopt cryptocurrencies, Isiklar Holdings – a Turkish conglomerate is not far behind. The 50-year-old company forayed into the crypto space last year by creating a universal blockchain loyalty program, ISIKC that could benefit a long list of long-term partners as well as newcomers doing business with them. Fuelled by the ISIKC token, the platform has come a long way as it embarks on the second stage of its token sale.

Currently trading at around the $0.70 – $0.80 mark, the ISIKC secondary public offering offers an opportunity for participants to purchase tokens at $0.40. The limited duration sale, with 10 million ISIKC in the offering is open for another 10 days. Participants can purchase the token on Isiklar Coin’s website with bitcoin as well as MasterCard and Visa powered credit cards. Following the purchase, ISIKCs from the secondary public offering will be subject to a one-month lock-up period and credited to the tokenholders’ respective wallet addresses.


ISIKC Chart (CoinMarketCap)

The current progress in ISIKC development is just the tip of the iceberg as the platform continues to develop new features and use cases that are slated to be released soon. The ISIKC token itself has witnessed a huge appreciation in value, registering up to a 400% increase from the initial price of $0.2 on launch. Those purchasing ISIKC during the ongoing sale will effectively secure the tokens at almost 50% of the present-day value, making it a lucrative option.

While investors and traders can explore the potential profits by trading ISIKC on some of the popular exchanges and trading platforms, businesses dealing with Isiklar Group will benefit from the loyalty program earning more tokens, as well as discounts on materials produced by its portfolio companies. Within a span of one year, ISIKC has transformed from being a blockchain-based loyalty program to a crypto investment platform with the lowest fees in the investment world.

ISIKC is an ERC20 token, with the ecosystem governed by transparent smart contracts to create a trustless system where all transactions are recorded on the blockchain to prevent fraud and issue generous loyalty rewards to partners, suppliers, and consumers of the Isiklar Group companies. A lot of big names in the construction industry have already extended their support to this novel program, with others expected to join the list as ISIKC works on entering into new strategic partnerships in the near future.

Meanwhile, as the need for healthcare and education continues to increase in the post-pandemic world, Isiklar will continue to support the Turgut Isik Education and Health Foundation by allocating a portion of funds raised from the ISIKC token sale.

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