Big scare. Crypto taxes. please help

Hi everyone. Im using []( website to calculate my crypto taxes for 2022.

I uploaded my csv files from all the exchanges i used.

once the report was generated, It said I owe capital gains tax on 140k usd. Lets just say that If i paid short term capital gains tax on 140k…my bank account would be drained to $0.

when looking through the report I noticed a few inconsistencies.

For example: I decided to do a swing trade on BTC on april 29th using fresh fiat. Upon selling on may 2nd, I got charged capital gains tax on BTC that I bought on 8-2020. (However, the BTC I bought on 8-2020 has been sitting in cold storage since the day I got it.) doesn’t make any sense

Im going to see a crypto tax pro in person next week. Im just wondering if any of you guys had success overcoming these inconsistencies in calculating crypto taxes.

thanks guys. Worried as hell

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