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The partnership will see LCX hosting native wallets to support $DAG and list $DAG at its regulated exchange.

As part of its ongoing work to expand the adoption of its ecosystem and associated tokens, Constellation Network and its primary exchange, Lattice, are partnering with Liechtenstein cryptocurrency exchange, LCX.

Per the announcement, the Constellation team will explore opportunities to integrate the tokens created using its L_0 Token Standard. LCX will also work to bolster integration for Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) to bring trade and transaction transparency to the centralized exchange.

The partnership will see LCX hosting native wallets to support $DAG and list $DAG at its regulated exchange. The new listing was also extended to include the Lattice Exchange token (LTX) in order to provide a path for tokens minted on Constellation’s Network to be traded in a regulatory compliant environment.

LCX will provide legal assistance and a framework package for “L_0” applications and token, as well as projects built on Constellation’s Hypergraph, a ledger based on DAG architecture. 




Benjamin Jorgensen, Co-Founder and CEO at Constellation Network ($DAG) and Lattice Exchange ($LTX) said the partnership with LCX helps their L_0 token standard to compete against the other token standards in the crypto industry.

Today’s announcement appears to be one more step in that direction with more plans in the pipeline to significantly expand the adoption of Constellation’s offering by building relationships with leading crypto projects and platforms.

Jorgensen also expressed his excitement about partnering with LCX, which holds a license to conduct regulated crypto and tokenization business in Liechtenstein, to bring new opportunities to the Constellation ecosystem.

“Partnering with LCX paves a path for success for anyone building on Constellation’s ecosystem. This will give projects that build on Constellation and list on our DeFi Platform Lattice, assurance that their token has a path to being freely traded and supported from centralized exchanges like LCX. LCX is leading the way to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by providing the support needed for institutional traders and blockchain technology,” Jorgensen added.

Constellation Network Unlocks DeFi Lucrative Returns

Constellation’s growing list of trusted partners is organized in multiple categories with a focus on industry collaboration and cross-pollination of resources. 

Most recently, they integrated YIELD App into the Stargazer Wallet, giving users the chance to earn a passive income of up to 20% annual percentage yield (APY) on their ETH, USDT, and USDC holdings.

These collaborations will unlock new collateral markets as the San Francisco-based company is pressing ahead with a range of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

While DeFi appeals to investors because of faster operating speeds, Constellation catches up with the trend through providing users with new yield options for their parked assets, but without navigating a sea of complex protocols.

“Crypto is all about scale. Constellation has built the infrastructure to scale fast and build a profitable network for all stakeholders involved. Now LCX users will become stakeholders of the Constellation Network as well and will enjoy its benefits,” said Monty Metzger, CEO and Founder of  

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