ethbox-DuckDAO: Nearly 12x private sale forms oversubscribed in 24 hours

Breaking News: Overwhelming feedback and great response from DuckDAO and the duck community were received over the ethbox Whitepaper, and testing the beta. In 24 hours nearly 12x private sale forms oversubscribed.

The DuckDAO strategic partnership with ethbox got me thinking about wild ducks. Who has not seen them as they wing their way through the skyline? Every industry needs them. As IBM Chairman Thomas J. Watson, Jr. wrote, 

“In IBM we frequently refer to our need for “wild ducks.” We are convinced that any business needs its wild ducks. And in IBM we try not to tame them.”

Yes, we need risk takers in the industry, wild ducks. Or ducks who support their own.

In the crypto industry, as well as to most industries, investment opportunities are largely  available only to well-heeled investors and venture funds, and this ecosystem is closed to early-stage crypto project investments. Traditionally, large traditional VCs buy out stacks of tokens in strategic, seed, and private sale investment rounds at far lower prices than retail investors got during the public sale. 

The thing is these VCs would then dump their holdings on retail investors to secure an easy profit, while simultaneously damaging sentiment surrounding the project. DuckDAO to the rescue!

Who will win? One VC or thousand ducks?” – DuckDAO

What is DuckDAO?

DuckDAO is a crypto project incubator who will democratize this lopsided way of funding crypto projects. They offer long term support to crypto projects, thereby establishing healthy, natural growth that builds lasting success. Latest incubator projects are nothing to sniff at. These are startups powered by the-first-community-driven-crypto-incubator. DuckDAO aids the development of new business ventures primarily by performing extensive due diligence checks on potential projects to ensure they meet the rigorous standards of safety and stand an excellent chance of achieving great success with the help of investors termed ducks.

What is ethbox?

Ethbox provides a unique solution to prevent accidentally sending funds to a mistyped or inaccurate recipient address. ethbox provides a unique solution to a problem in cryptocurrency trading that is as devastating as it is widespread. Accidentally sending funds to a mistyped or mistaken recipient address has already been the cause for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of financial damage. Harnessing the cryptographically unbreakable safety of the underlying Ethereum blockchain, ethbox provides a smart contract based digital escrow service to completely alleviate any risk of loss while sending cryptocurrency. ethbox could also be used for OTC and for transaction privacy purposes as well. 

The Partnership

Putting together ethbox and DuckDAO, what are the potentials? As the duck community is made up of investors that are looking to support projects in the long term, you can only expect a phenomenal outcome from a DuckDAO-ethbox partnership. 

This is achieved through the token DuckDaoDime (DDIM), which can be leveraged to access the incubator’s community tiers — each of which provides increasing benefits for the community. In order to access each membership tier, Ducks need to hold at least a fixed minimum number of DDIM tokens in their MetaMask wallet (as determined by the bot).

DuckDAO partnerships have worked successfully with the biggest names in the industry in recent months, including poolz, Bondly, and keyTango — each of which achieved more than tenfold returns on the public markets when compared to entry prices in DuckDAO. Prominent YouTubers, including IvanOnTech and Boxmining have formed partnerships with the incubator and share crucial insights with their followers, making the industry a more accessible place for all.

The Results?

The duck community can’t stop quacking about their investments on blogs and social media such as Twitter, 4chan and Reddit which is great for ethbox. Ducks are also known to quickly multiply. Thanks to the far reach of their quacks, they can be heard in more than a dozen languages on every social media platform.

This product will be super helpful for OTC traders, increasing the security and transparency of their processes, so DuckDAO is ready to fully support ethbox’s marketing and growth with a farmcubation and DuckSTARTER placement.

The community feedback has been overwhelming, they love the concept, whitepaper and the beta platform! Who wouldn’t love it? The concept is simple unlike most complicated DeFi projects we see these days. And most importantly, it’s a basic utility that everyone in the crypto space understands, wants and feels a need for – everyday. 

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ethbox-DuckDAO: Nearly 12x private sale forms oversubscribed in 24 hours 7
ethbox-DuckDAO: Nearly 12x private sale forms oversubscribed in 24 hours 8

More community responses at: 

In 24 hours nearly 12x private sale forms oversubscribed with no explicit marketing effort on ethbox’s part – a good precedent for the forthcoming token sale.

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