Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH/USD Price Converges Heavily Around $1,200 and $1,400 Marks

Ethereum Price Prediction – January 31
There have been a series of price-convergences in the market operations of ETH/USD over a couple of trading sessions

ETH/USD Market
Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $1,600, $1,800, $2,000
Support levels: $1,000, $900, $800

ETHUSD – Daily Chart
Variant candlesticks depicting rises and falls have over the trading activities formed since the main point at the $1,000 line breached northward. The 14-day SMA trend-line continually moves closely around the crypto-market moves as the 50-day SMA trading indicator is underneath at the support level. That signifies that buying pressures still linger-on. The Stochastic Oscillators are now moving in a consolidation manner around ranges of 80 and 60. That shows that buying forces are slightly relaxing efforts in the crypto-economy.

What could be the ETH /USD Next price-formation outlook?
Sudden and intense price action is required to safely suggest further value-appreciation of the Ethereum as traded against the US Dollar’s worth. Bulls have to hold their trading-positions tightly beyond after a potential breakout from the mainline of $1,400. However, there has been no indication that that trading scenario will play so cheaply in the near trading sessions.

On the downside, it is technically ideal that bears have to look out for reversal price-moves around the $1,400 level to get an entry with the principles of decency. The market-movers, in the meantime, may continue to move price into a long indefinite range-price move. In the wake of that assumption, indecision market will surface, making it difficult to have good trading entry.

ETHBTC Price Analysis
In comparing the price-weight of Ethereum with that of Bitcoin, the former crypto’s value prevails over the latter’s until writing. Currently, price seemingly appears to be experiencing a slow-moving at a high level. The 14-day SMA is below the market trading point as the 50-day SMA trend-line is under it, pointing towards the north. The Stochastic Oscillators now consolidate around range 80 to affirm that the base-crypto hasn’t exhausted in strength. Therefore, the counter-crypto may be having an ugly-pushing effort while the market tends to witness variant range-moves in a near trading time around the value of the B0.045 mark.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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