Ethereum’s Accumulation Range was Bigger Than BTC’s

  • Ethereum is rapidly approaching the crucial $600 level that has long been a pivotal point for its various trends
  • This level has held strong on multiple occasions as resistance, which would make any break above it technically significant
  • One trader is now noting that a serious move higher could be imminent for Eth in the near-term
  • He points to a macro accumulation range that Ethereum is just starting to exit, noting that it was within this range for a longer period of time than BTC was in its range
  • If it posts a firm break above this range – as Bitcoin recently did – it could mean that a massive upside movement is imminent in the near-term

Ethereum has been flashing signs of immense strength as Bitcoin rallies higher. BTC’s push past $19,000 has allowed ETH to climb up towards $600, which has been pivotal for its price action.

Periods of trading above this level have, so far, been relatively short-lived, with bears ardently trying to stop it from posting any long-term break above this price.

That said, Ethereum is now nearing the end of a long-held accumulation range that it has been caught within since 2019, which is strikingly similar to a range that Bitcoin recently broke out of before it saw a parabolic rally.

As such, one analyst believes that Ethereum could be on the cusp of seeing a massive parabolic rise.

Ethereum Rallies Towards $600 as Bulls Roar

The market is back to being in bulls’ control, with the recent selloff being incredibly fleeting as buyers aim to push BTC to fresh all-time highs.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading up over 4% at its current price of $592. This marks a notable rise from its recent lows of $528 set at the bottom of the recent selloff.

ETH is About to Exit a Multi-Year Accumulation Range

One trader explained in a recent tweet that Ethereum is about to exit a multi-year trading range similar to the one seen by Bitcoin before its recent parabolic rise.

“ETH: Anatomy of a BULLISH chart. P.S. Ethereum accumulation range was bigger than the Bitcoin one,” he said while showing the comparison of the two charts.

Image Courtesy of il Capo of Crypto. Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.

If history rhymes, then Ethereum could be on the cusp of seeing a massive push higher that potentially leads it back up towards its all-time highs.

Featured image from Unsplash.
Charts from TradingView.

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