Future Big Application of NFTs

The debate around the use of NFTs is heated, maybe only people in this community will really grasp the future implications of their use. Their necessity has been dubious thus far and may have created more problems than solutions (see [NFTs and Copyright Infringement](https://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2021/03/16/nfts-and-copyright/)). Be it as it may, my hypothesis: **NFTs will be the future of owning all digital assets**.


UMG (Universal Music Group) – [The big kahuna of intellectual property is already beginning to implement NFT sales into their enormous bag of money-making trick](https://musically.com/2021/06/09/umgs-bravado-is-working-on-nfts-with-ikonick-deal/)s. Not much is known about what they will sell, but it’s clear that they are trying to head off the competition of indie labels. Other labels will soon follow.


Probably the most distant use case is real-world items. [Although ](https://www.coindesk.com/techcrunch-founders-apartment-to-be-sold-as-nft)[property is already sold by NFTs,](https://www.coindesk.com/techcrunch-founders-apartment-to-be-sold-as-nft) it’s not clear how this could become more advantageous than current methods outside of the increased security of proof of ownership.


Hear me out, right now the clunkiest part of the software industry is dealing with linking proof of ownership with all these accounts that expose your PII to any hacker out there. When companies like V-tech [were hacked and 6.4 million kids had their information exposed](https://www.cnbc.com/2015/12/02/vtech-hack-data-of-64m-kids-exposed.html), it becomes clear that we need an anonymous way to prove that we have purchased the right to software. The most important problems this could resolve are **Privacy, Anti-Piracy, and Transferability.**

**Privacy:** This is obvious. If all you need to authenticate is a public wallet address, there is no PII to be exposed. This is good for customers; knowing that they personally aren’t being tracked and their information is more secure. This could be seen as a downside for corporations, however, seeing how the entire advertising industry is built around collecting your data and selling to the highest bidder.

**Anti-Piracy:** Piracy will always exist, however, just like the music industry nearly obliterated music piracy in wealthier countries, we need to incentivize not sharing keys. As an NFT, keys will be harder to steal and less commonly shared.

**Transferability:** How many times have you used software for a time and no longer needed it? How do you feel about [not even owning the](https://kotaku.com/do-we-own-our-steam-games-5883435)[ video games that you paid for?](https://kotaku.com/do-we-own-our-steam-games-5883435) Being able to simply transfer your ownership from either one PC to another, from one person to another, even one company to another; will completely change how digital asset ownership will work. To me, this is the biggest game-changer and why I will look for every avenue to invest in the tech.

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