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Global financial markets software firm Genesis Global has announced a partnership with US-based broker XP investments to launch a trade capture app to automate and optimize operational processes. XP investment is the subsidiary of XP Investimentos, Brazil’s largest broker-dealer.

The app is designed on the Genesis Low-Code application platform, which will come in handy for developing apps that are 80% faster than conventional software development.

Trade app will support different deals

The new app will offer support for FX Options trade captures for multi-leg and single-leg trades. It will also offer support for interest rate swap deals, FX NDFF Swaps, FX NDFs, FX Swap, FX Forwards, and FX Spots deals.

Genesis says it offers the low-code platform for software development in the capital market. The platform enables the quick development of products without necessarily writing a heap of codes like in conventional code writing.

The trading app will augment standard internal processes with platform features such as client trade confirmation, option expiry monitor, amendments, and cancellations, as well as its primary feature Trade Capture.

Genesis says another benefit of FX Prime that is probably lacking in other software is the ability to work alongside existing internal systems and connect to external market platforms as well.

Chief executive officer of Genesis Stephen Murphy said the firm is committed to the Brazil marketplace. “This announcement also reflects our ongoing commitment to the Brazilian marketplace, he stated.

Strong partnership history

This is not the first time both firms are collaborating to launch a product. In February last year, they partnered for the first time to design products that can automate workflows.

Genesis and XP Investments joined forces to build a treasury product that will automate workflow management for wealth managers, institutional clients, and trading desks.

More apps to be launched on the Genesis Platform

With the level of understanding going between these two firms, Prime Trade Capture app will not be the last product to be built on the Genesis platform. There are plans to build more apps to make it easier for users, investors, and wealth managers in the industry.

Presently, XP Investment has a total market capitalization of $23.16 billion. The collaboration is expected to benefit both firms in different ways.

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