I talked to “Jared Cannon”, a Nigerian scammer, and he didn’t give up even though I was the pope AND the Nigerian police

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I like to talk to all the scammers that send me messages on here (I do it regularly, there’s a pinned post on my profile). I like wasting their time, and it’s funny to fuck with them. Most of them are not very smart, so it’s pretty easy to have some fun with them.

Yesterday, Jared Cannon wrote me. [Here’s our conversation.](https://imgur.com/a/CCx8wvO) It’s the usual spiel (Forex trading, absurd profits in very short time, bla bla bla), I played my usual role (very enthusiastic about the opportunity, pretending to be the perfect scam victim). It’s probably not the funniest chat I had, but it shows best that they will almost never give up. I tried how far I could go.

I told him I was from the Vatican, I guess I started out as some sort of assistant to the pope. I dropped the line “you know how popes are” when talking about my boss, he didn’t question it at all. *He just kept going.* He proposed that he would take 10% of the profits he would make for me, I said 5. He was immediately okay with it. *He just kept going.*

Then I continued annoying him with questions about his personal life and sent him a picture of “me”. Of course it was an AI-generated older gentleman from thispersondoesnotexist.com, and I just did it so he clicked on the tracking link and I could track his IP and some other information. I learned that he was using a VPN placing him in the US, but he didn’t change the time settings on his phone, which showed me that he set it to “Africa/Lagos GMT+1”. I told him all of that, that I knew where he was, and that I had control over his phone (which might have been a lie but hey, if I can track you, who knows?). He didn’t care. *He just kept going.*

He asked for my contact information, that’s when I decided to take a promotion and become the pope, I gave him the pope’s name etc. He needed an email-address, I told him it was “police@lagos.ng”. I think if I didn’t stop at some point, *he would still keep going*.

These guys are **not** smart. But they are persistent. Crypto scams are usually pretty obvious, but some of the scammers really try hard. Be careful out there.

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