Interview: Faith In Bitcoin With Saint Bitcoin

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For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by a longtime friend in the space, Saint Bitcoin (@Saint_BITCOIN). Saint is the host of the “Pleb Talk Podcast,” which is one of my personal favorites. Unfortunately, it is on hold at the moment until travel restrictions lighten up, and then Saint will be back at it doing great in-person interviews with loads of plebs.

In this podcast, we discussed how Saint got into Bitcoin and fell down the rabbit hole, and why Bitcoin is so important to him. He connected Bitcoin with his faith and sees both as a fountain of truth in which people can learn and guide their lives. Saint and I discussed what is missing from the world today and how people have become completely disconnected and lost. We got into detail about what we think most people are missing and getting wrong, and how Bitcoin is the beacon of hope that fixes these problems.

We discussed our appreciation and support for the Bitcoin taco plebs, who have been the all-stars of 2020 and the past three-year bear market. We shouted out some plebs and explained that the institutional investors getting into the space are cool but that honestly, the hard working, everyday plebs stacking sats is what really is amazing. Normal people putting in their entire life savings and then some to accumulate bitcoin is more respectable than millionaires and billionaires putting in 1 percent to 2 percent of their net worths into the corn.

Below are some of Saint’s best thoughts shared during the interview. And be sure to check out the full episode for more.

How Did You Find Bitcoin And Fall Down The Rabbit Hole?

My rabbit hole story isn’t very exciting, but it’s a story of redemption nonetheless. 

I first got involved with Bitcoin in 2017 when the price was about $3,000. I heard about it from a guy from my old church. At the time, I had just moved out of my parents’ house, got married and started my freelancing career full-time. Everything was new to me, as well as finances and economics. 

Unfortunately, I also was involved in shitcoins and a ponzi scheme. At the height of the bull run, I was watching my account go up by tens of thousands of dollars and had no idea what I was doing. I made dollars, and lost dollars, but that was my learning curve that immersed me into the world of BTC, and understanding it as the most supreme money in existence. 

Through early 2018 I repented of my shitcoin ways and found Bitcoin Twitter. I wouldn’t be the Bitcoin maximalist I am today if it wasn’t for the Bitcoin plebs, the cyber hornets, the bearers of monetary truth. I owe a lot of my journey to them! Dr. Bitcoin, American Hodl, Psychedelic El Barto and Awyee Deater Bob were some of the first accounts I followed. I was baptized in the sea of orange into monetary newness and have never been the same. I am not having fun, not having fun staying poor.

How Has Bitcoin Changed Your Life?

I can sum up how Bitcoin has changed my life in three ways:

One: NGU (Number Go Up) technology, I’m not a rich or wealthy person, I’m an average, working class pleb nobody from America who sees the future on the horizon and a once in a multi-millennia opportunity to be a part of it. 

Bitcoin can be for everyone, but I truly believe it is for the underdogs. NGU is an indicator of you being right when the world, the world system and those who mocked you were all wrong. It’s a refreshing reminder that your conviction is paying off, and that you are going down the right path in the destiny of your life, and the legacy of your future. It’s just fun and exciting and adds joy to your daily life! 

While the wicked men perish in the coming economic destruction, I believe the greatest transfer of monetary wealth in humanity will be in Bitcoin, and I believe many of the plebs you see today who got in on the ground floor will truly do some good for humanity!!!! LFG!!!

Two: finances. Because of my now understanding of Bitcoin, its purpose, what it is and why it was created, I have been able to see past the veil of deception that is over the eyes of the world still living in central banking fiat darkness. Bitcoin has pulled back the curtain on the false illusion of what money is, and Bitcoin is breaking a new paradigm of truth into the minds of all who chose to study it and be a part of it.

Three: hope. Because there is an impending economic fiat destruction, Bitcoin offers an answer, solution and a method to all of the madness. Many Bitcoiners value the same things: family, legacy, producing and building things that last!

What Do You Consider To Be The Most Amazing Thing About Bitcoin?

Absolute monetary truth, simply meaning the 21,000,000. Absolute scarcity, hardest money in existence, unshakeable unbreakable consensus, an immutable global ledger of the storing and transferring of encrypted energy over time and space.

As a man that deeply ascribes to the Christian faith in Jesus Christ, this part of Bitcoin amazes me the most. In the Bible, Jesus says: “I am the way, I am the truth, and I am the life, no one gets through to heaven, and to be with God, unless it’s through me.” So, no matter your background, history, where you come from, you leave your past behind and enter His eternal timechain and follow that better way. Jesus said: “On this rock (Him, the Gospel) I will build my Church (all who will believe throughout history) and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

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Now, with Bitcoin, no matter your educational background, where you came from, what you believe in, what your economic stature is in society, you come to this timechain, this consensus, you leave the old life of fiat understanding behind and you attain a way more excellent and venture forth into newness. Satoshi would of said something like: “On this rock (absolute monetary truth/white paper) I will build the soundest money in existence, and the gates of central banking hell shall not prevail against it.”

How Would You Advise Someone To Learn About Bitcoin? What Are Your Favorite Podcasts, Articles And Books?

I always hound someone to get the tiniest amount of skin in the game. $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, whatever it may be for them. To me, no skin equals no urgency. get them off zero and onto the sat standard, and as they watch that NGU, you have more tilled soil to teach them.

Books: “The Bitcoin Standard,” “Orange Coin Good: The Value of Bitcoin” by @Jimbocoin

Podcasts: “Tales From The Crypt,” “Stephen Livera,” BTC sessions’ vids and the many pleb podcasts out there, like “Fun With Bitcoin” with @Coinicarus who interviews everyday people on their journeys to bitcoin monetary sovereignty.

Articles: Always shilling Parker Lewis’s stuff. My favorite: “Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Monies.”

What Is Your Best Bitcoin Pitch?

I don’t have an exact pitch, as every person is unique and requires their own line of conversation and reasoning, but I really always try and talk to people about the Infinite money printing, how our dollar is being devalued, what it’s doing to their lives and how this cycle has actually been repeating all throughout time. 

The Book of Ecclesiastes says: “There is nothing new under the sun.” What I will never do, that I tried to do when I first got into Bitcoin, is try and convince someone. I do my best to just be a part of their lives, and drop little truth satoshis in their brains. NGUwill do the talking!!! 

Those who are truly hungry for truth and something greater will come back, and the door will be open to pour into them and help them. You can’t save everyone, but really invest into those who you believe are worth it!

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