Investment, community and patience – a Cardano story

One of the most important questions for a long term investor is that of how to structure investments. This goes far beyond *purchasing* and is instead related to the form and placement of such investment. A simple example is a broker account with a trusted provider. They have your stock “in street name”, a position that does not dilute your ownership or rights, but suggests a certain relationship for your convenience and their benefit also.

I have the same perspective with respect to my investment in Cardano, and it also informed my decisions related to this space in terms of launching [DAWN]( as a personal investment vehicle. After watching crypto on the sidelines for twelve years, and actively participating in certain projects such as the [land registry in Afghanistan](, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to accomplish.

1. I identified Cardano as a crypto asset with long-term potential
2. I identified that key factors to success now rest on momentum as much as forthcoming technical milestones
3. I identified an inflection point as traditional investors enter adjacent to the more knowledgable and experienced crypto crowd

You will have seen me posting quite extensively on long term investment in Cardano (collected [here]( The decision to apply my personal resources in addition to capital in purchasing ADA is measured and purposeful. If I am interested in this space, my peers will also be taking interest, and I would like to assist in making our shared journey comfortable.

It is about choosing a community within a community, or building a community within a community, and benefiting from what it can provide. The Opendawn reddit has attracted around 50 participants in its first week, and the DAWN investment vehicle is at six delegates and counting. Small metrics in the overall picture of Cardano, but in my view a positive indicator regarding where this is going.

Crypo is very, very noisy. It is exciting and has attracted a vast array of different interests. Cutting through that, taking the fundamentals that are important to you, is a skill in investing related to wealth rather than riches. There is an adage in carpentry that applies in this field as in so many elsewhere: measure twice, cut once.

This all fed into positioning regarding the messaging for my move into this field, the choices I made with respect to a personal investment vehicle and opening it up to third parties, and what I would like to accomplish over time. You can check out the specifics of [DAWN]( over at the website, but the key things you should note are:

1. It is based on reputation and clarity of purpose.
2. It uses metrics from Cardano Foundation to ensure competitiveness with much larger pools.
3. It is not a pool per se, but rather a space for like-minded investors to collaborate, including in a private delegate list.

There are a few things done to both incentivize and to filter parties reviewing the investment vehicle:

1. The metrics are displayed in a manner that require visitors to read and consider them to understand the specific reasons for competitiveness (DAWN is not interested in people randomly passing through).
2. The community incentives are clearly displayed but require a certain degree of investment sophistication to appreciate (access to a private list for direct sharing makes more sense to seasoned investors).
3. The site is refined based on feedback, but with a clear stance on explanation of positioning rather than a sales pitch per se (it is purposefully slightly boring, as all investment should be).

This all equals a stance designed to encourage a community of peers. I recently conducted a poll of our community (it will be published shortly in another article), and the median investment horizon is five years, with the next largest grouping looking at ten years. These are the people I want to work with, and this is the framing I want to promote outward.

You see, I think Cardano is the first crypto solution that has a substantial and effective chance to positively disrupt a lot of spaces, including investment. I want to help build those bridges, and potentially use DAWN as a stepping stone for people in their entry.

Looking at our broader community, there are many fantastic people and fantastic pools and fantastic initiatives out there. The key is to keep the momentum going, to make growth in this space as frictionless as possible, and to use the genuine value of Cardano to dispel lingering fears regarding the ethereal viability of crypto as a whole.

If you read through this, and it made sense to you, I would love to collaborate with you. Whether it is welcoming you as a delegate, or communicating with you as a pool, or simply swapping notes as fellow investors on a shared path.

Finally, if you are a high value ADA holder and you may be interested in helping to accelerate DAWN as an entry vehicle for new investors, I would love to talk. I think we can work out a deal for mutual benefit that also serves the bridging purpose discussed above.

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