Leela Quantum Tech Reveals Bitcoin Edition Protective T-Shirt

At the start of 2020, did anyone genuinely anticipate a global pandemic? Sure, the likes of Bill Gates and others warned of such a reality, but nobody knew if or when it would ever occur, nor did their warnings ever come with a plan that could prevent such a scenario.

The truth is, things happen. Instead, we should never say never, and learn to expect the unexpected. By taking on such an approach, we can drastically reduce the unpredictability that plagues all our lives.

Bitcoin has been called an insurance policy against uncertainty and a hedge against the current financial system. In a sense, it follows the above mantras well, which is just one of many reasons why Leela Quantum Tech has created a special Bitcoin edition of their world’s first Quantum T-Shirt. 

Here’s why the two groundbreaking technologies together perfectly complement one another, and why this year has shown that it’s best to be prepared for anything possible.

Leela Quantum T-Shirt: “B”e Ready For Anything

The world is still under the grips of COVID-19, and although a vaccine is finally here, the frightening scenario will stay fresh in everyone’s minds for decades to come.

Luckily, Leela Quantum T-Shirts are made of premium fabrics that are 99% anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial, among other essential features that could shield you from other harmful contaminants, radiation, and worse.

For example, environmental electromagnetic waves, also called “electrosmog,” can weaken immune systems, causing illness, inflammation, and more. The proprietary quantum energy-infused design acts as an EMF repellent and is certified by the International Institute for Electrosmog Research IGEF Ltd. It was also awarded the 5-star BESA seal of approval.

The comfortable and stylish T-shirt that usually comes as a standard or Bitcoin edition also combats against 99% of high-frequency radiation emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other electronics. 

Each thread is infused with 99.9% pure silver to offer unrivaled odor protection built into the T-shirt itself and is charged with positive quantum energy. According to studies conducted by two independent research institutes, positive quantum energy provides a wealth of positive effects on the human body.

“B”uy The Bitcoin Edition Quantum T-Shirt With Crypto

As you can see, the Bitcoin edition Leela Quantum T-Shirt is the perfect match for those who believe in the cryptocurrency. Whether it is protecting one’s wealth, privacy, property rights, or more, while wearing the Leela Quantum T-Shirt, you can also protect against other unseen dangers, electromagnetic waves, viruses, and so much more at the same time.

Leela Quantum Tech, the parent company behind the cutting edge T-shirt tech, is no stranger to innovation and welcomes the cryptocurrency community by offering crypto payments for all its available products. Acceptable cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, Monero, XRP, and Dogecoin. 

Due to Leela Quantum Tech’s crypto support, the community responded by requesting a Bitcoin T-shirt to match their personal traits and style. It is now available on Leela’s website, adorned with the slogan “It’s Time For Plan B.”

To purchase this positive quantum energy-infused T-shirt and further protect yourself against the unexpected, check out leelaq.com to learn more.


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