Loans now available on the Exchange » today announced the launch of cryptocurrency-backed loans on the Exchange. Users can now receive an instant loan when using their crypto as collateral.


  • Deposit accepted cryptocurrency and receive a loan instantly;
  • Repay loans partially or in full at any time without early repayment fees;
  • Interest rates as low as 1% APR, stake Chain token CRO to get the best rates

With Lending, both retail customers and institutions can choose loan terms that suit them, and make repayments based on the corresponding initial loan-to-value (LTV) ratios.

Key Loan Terms

Terms Details
Loan Duration Maximum duration: 12 months

Note: Users can repay any amount at any time.

Number of Loans Borrow up to 3 outstanding loans at a time.
Collateral Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, CRO plans to continually add new cryptocurrencies here.

Loanable Currencies USDC, USDT plans to continually add new cryptocurrencies here.

Minimum Borrowing Amount 100 USDC or 100 USDT
Maximum Borrowing Amount (In total at a time)
  • USD 500,000 equivalent for retail users
  • USD 1,000,000 equivalent for institutional users
Interest Rates Preferable loan interest rates with higher CRO Stake or lower LTV:

Initial LTV CRO Stake < 100K CRO Stake ≥ 100K
LTV = 25% 2.00% APR 1.00% APR
LTV = 33% 6.00% APR 4.00% APR
LTV = 50% 8.00% APR 6.00% APR

Note: The above table shows simple interest rates, which means the interest charges only apply to the loan’s principal amount, and are not compounded on earlier interest charges.

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