LTC XRP and OCEAN Technical Analysis | My 3 fav cryptos for the month of April and further!

Hey guys this is my first post about TA here so let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Rumi and I am a former stock investor. I have been doing TA for almost 4 years now and for about a year I am fully into cryptos. I am studying Economics in my second semester and completely fell in love with Ethereum when I dug deeper into cryptos last year during the whole crash. Since then I have learned and am still learning everything about cryptos and also created my YouTube Channel Rumicrypto

I am discussing in my opinion the 3 strongest major altcoins with huge upside potential for the month of April. I am going to keep this real quick since I am in a little rush and discussed it firmly in my latest youtube video. Much love from Rumi to the r/CryptoCurrency sub we got a big month a head of us!

Of course, they’re cryptos with much more upside, but I don’t think they are ones with better r/R Ration for the imminent short term so let’s jump right into it!


Perfect Bullcycle with big upside. Good Volume kicking in, just a matter of days when this will kickoff, trying to combine the strong chart with hopeful coming news concerning the SEC lawsuit. Whales buying the sh*t out of it, I do not see this go any lower.


One of my fav projects forming a beautiful beautiful triangle shape. Currently waiting to confirm this pattern to make a trade, nonetheless definitely a crypto you should have on your radar with big resistance at 1,5$. Imo the bottom is in and Ocean Protocol will do really well in the coming days/weeks!


To be honest this is an absolutely beautiful chart, imo the sexiest in the whole crypto market. Litecoin will definitely go to 300$+ in the imminent short term, most likely to reach 1000$+ in the midterm, if we are breaking through our 0.618 FIB level, retesting, and then confirming the upwards pattern.

If you’d like to see me more often writing about cryptos and their technicals, definitely let me know! I am in rush so I had to keep this real short but still wanted to let you guys know, in the future I am planning to have bigger posts!

Those are snippets from my latest youtube video: [](


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisior!

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