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Joining the wild crypto world and staying active is not an easy task. Many people leave the boat due to anxiety along with an unrealistic expectation of wealth and subsequent financial losses triggered by a lack of financial education, several (bad) crypto options and contradictory articles.

This prevents the cryptocurrency sector from achieving its goal creating open and fair, decentralized and sound financial systems by overcoming the financial repression in the current, centralized fiat-money banking system. The goal is for people throughout the whole world to have access to financial services without restrictions and rent-seekers so that everybody, regardless of location and background, can become financially sovereign, making the world more financially equal and healthy.

It is quite frustrating to see how Bitcoin in particular, and blockchain technology in general, which guarantees autonomy, privacy, wealth preservation and high security to its users, is still misunderstood and underestimated in terms of its ability to improve and reset our current unequal centralized financial system.

Fortunately, ​Beste Bank is committed to getting rid of the fear and keep users in the game. How do they do that? Let’s find out.

What is Beste Bank?

Beste Bank is an informational website in the Netherlands, specializing in cryptocurrency and dedicated especially to newcomers.

What makes it more special than other such websites is the quality of the information and its organization on a clean and friendly interface, alongside its approach to readers.

What Beste Bank offers

In terms of ​information quality​, the articles are written by specialists in the field of Bitcoin, finance, blockchain projects and software distribution.

One of them is Luuk Soons, the website’s editor – a member of the Global Business Development Network who knows no less than six foreign languages. This gives him the opportunity to consult specialized articles from various countries, being able to take an overview of international topics.

The ​organization of information is also very well done with each article being assigned to a specific category, covering a wide variety of topics.

  • Buy BTC – the basics and principles of ​buying Bitcoin​
  • Exchanges – general information and reviews about the best exchange services available
  • Cryptos – guides on how to buy various cryptocurrencies, as well as educational articles
  • Wallets – recommendations and general information about different types of wallets
  • Finances​ – the most-read category of articles for newcomers
  • DeFi​ – listing of decentralized exchanges and information on financial markets
  • Services – articles dedicated to investment guides or server integrations available for Bitcoin users
  • News – keeping you up-to-date on every major change in the crypto field

Last but not least, these articles stand out due to their ​approach to readers​. The website is dedicated mostly to newcomers, so the writers make sure to present the information as simply and completely as they can.

Therefore, they start each article with the basics and then go deeper into the subject so that readers can both understand and master the content.

Not just that, but also the team helps newcomers to read the articles in a particular order so that they don’t feel overwhelmed. One example is the “Bitcoin Course” article, which gathers all the links to the related articles and orders them based on difficulty, logic and interest – from what is Bitcoin to the issues it faces right now.

And this is just the trailer.

The Bitcoin Course actually contains a whole list of workshops, consultants and seminars that you can attend in the Netherlands in order to master your crypto knowledge.


The crypto world can be a scary place when you don’t know where to start, especially if you want to understand what happened in the last 12 years.

But for that, the team at Beste Bank uses all its resources to provide people with complete, valid, and well-researched information – so that you can join the crypto adventure without any fear.

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