Memecoin weekly: Catcoins (Nyancoin & Monacoin)

In this episode of Memecoin weekly we will discuss two memecoins that are based around cats. As you all know, cats have been ruling the internet for quite some time. Ethan Zuckerman created in 2008 a theory called ‘ the cute cat theory of digital activism’. this theory states that people don’t want to use the internet for activism but rather watch adult content or pictures of cats (you can read the whole theory [here]( Now, let’s start with a cat that ruled the internet almost a decade ago, Nyancat.

[The logo of Nyancoin, the first offically licensed cryptocurrency.](

* **All time high: $0.014802 (Feb 17, 2014) – Marketcap: $3.349.080 USD**
* **Current price: $0,000645 USD (Nov 7, 2020) – Marketcap: $208.116 USD**
* **All time 24H volume: $48.975,51 USD**
* **Current 24H volume: Unknown, likely $0 USD.**
* **Circulating and total supply: 322.805.606 NYAN/337.000.000 NYAN**

**Who is Nyancat?**

‘Nyancat is a Russian Blue cat that has a cherry poptart for a body, and is depicted traveling through space, whilst trailing a rainbow from behind and singing “nya nya nya!” cheerfully.’ In the case of Nyancoin, the body exists out of a Super Mario Bros gold coin. Nyancat became an internet phenomenon with a gif created by prguitarman, a YouTuber named Saraj00n paired it with Momo’s “Nya Nya Nya!” song, see the original video [here]( There’s a [website]( to see how long you could stand the song, and even create your own Nyancat.

**What is Nyancoin?**

Nyancoin software is based on Litecoin, using Proof-of-Work the original consensus algorithm in a Blockchain network. The coin got announced in january 6th, 2014 on [Bitcointalk](, gathering more than 1600 comments in just over a month. The project got abandoned quickly, with the reborn website stating: ‘*Unfortunately, the original developers mysteriously disappeared a couple of months later, without any reason or explanation. It’s rumoured that they turned into Doges. Or something.’* And: ‘T*he original Nyancoin website and other services ceased working shortly after that – however all was not lost, since enough people kept the software running and continued to mine the coin.*’

**Where are they today?**

The network is still running according to their [Subreddit]( and website with 17 Network Connections running today, but there’s few people left who actively participate in the community. The rebooted [website]( is also still online, so if you want to start mining Nyancoin check it out. There’s currently no exchange that lists the coin.

**Now let’s continue with a very famous cat in Japan, Monā.**

[Monacoin, the Japanese equivalent of Dogecoin.](

* **All time high: $20,23 USD (Dec 06, 2017) – Marketcap: $927.631.253 USD**
* **Current price: $1,30 USD USD (Nov 7, 2020) – Marketcap: $85.142.597 USD**
* **All time 24H volume: $86.429.152 USD**
* **Current 24H volume: $2.411.534 USD**
* **Circulating and total supply: 65.729.675 MONA/ not available.**

**Who is Mona?**

***Monā*** (モナー) is a popular [cat]( character that is often summoned in the form of Shift JIS art, a superset of ASCII character intended for Japanese usage, most notably on the text board community 2channel. – [KnowYourMeme]( Monā derives its name from its frequent tagline, *omae mo na* (お前もな, I know you are, but what am I?). Monā showed up in *Nightmare City* and its followup *Nightmare City Catastrophe,* which are short animations.

_________     /__/           /( ´∀`)< オマエモナー(   )  \_____  | | |(__)_)*the original* *Monā* *Shift JIS art.*

**What is Monacoin?**

Monacoin is the Japanese equivalent of Dogecoin, which is also a fork of Litecoin. The coin is a pure cryptocurrency meant to be used strictly as digital cash. It launched January 1, 2014, alongside a [Bitcoin Forum post]( The pseudonym “Mr. Watanabe” is claimed with the creation of Monacoin, which appears to be an homage to Satoshi Nakamoto. Watanabe is one of the most common Japanese surnames.

**Where are they today?**

MonaCoin is accepted as payment by several stores, both online and physical, on sites like [Monappy]( and [Bitcoinmall]( MonaCoin has been approved by Japan’s [Financial Services Agency]( and has been added to several exchanges. The team behind the coin is quite mysterious, but there’s still updates on their [GitHub]( page. Their [website]( is still online, and their [subreddit]( is still active although there’s not a lot of engagement with the posts there. At this day, there is a daily volume of $2.411.534 USD, so the coin is still traded quite a lot. The coin’s current rank is #99 at [Coingecko](, and 101 on [Coinmarketcap](

*I hope you guys liked the new episode of Memecoin weekly! It was quite hard to find information about these coins, so I hope i explained everything correct.*

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