Move Bitcoins from Coinmama to another platform

Hi, I have been verified through Coinmama for over 2yrs. When I log in there is a pink notice at the top of the screen that says Your ID is out of date. Please upload a valid ID.

When trying to do so, I get a response that says:

Hi Kimberly​,

Thanks for reaching out and sending us a support request.

Unfortunately, Coinmama is not able to serve your area directly (you can see here all [Restricted countries and states](, meaning that we direct you to our partners at Simplex who are able to provide your current location. This also means that you will not get verified with Coinmama, but with Simplex (please note they only support Bitcoin purchasing).

So I contact Simplex and they say that there’s nothing they can do and to contact coinmama.

Due to my ID needing to be updated, I cant click on Sell or TRADE icon and there is no Transfer icon available.

What can I do?

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