Oh no, they might sell some…

Some of their fake paper bitcoin the “big money” owns! Yes, sadly as I had suspected all along it now appears likely that Saylor and the Wall St folks using his legendary “playbook” appear to be buying (and apparently now selling) paper bitcoins / bitcoin IOUs as can be seen here:


Now you may be confused why I call them fake /paper /IOUs. Well, the reason I feel more confident in the paper bitcoin theory was determined by the fact that in Saylor’ legendary bitcoin VS gold debate just a few days back you can hear his thoughts about why they won’t ban our bitcoin at around the 37 minute and change mark for this video where he says as long as the leave their keys with custodians! Watch here around the 36 or 37 minute mark for a few minutes:

OK, now for the good part:

We are not in competition with Wall St and do not need their investments to have bitcoin become the world’s New de facto Store Of Value (SOV). NOT AT ALL! In fact, they are in competition us! The folks who HODL their own keys and they not only know this, but also know that more and more of us know this every day!

All we need to do is to get more regular plebs to understand a few basic concepts:

– supply and demand determines value
– ~89% of all bitcoin that will ever be created has already been mined
– Main St has frontran Wall St.
– Not your keys not your bitcoin.
– how to minimize your sphere of trust in bitcoin wallets and create your own entropy with dice in offline computers to create P2PKH addresses for long term storage.
– The power of dollar cost averaging.

As more and more folks out there put those items together, we will have our peaceful revolution into a more just and fair world for all.

Happy HODLing my bitcoin brethren and enjoy the weekend!

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