World Mobile DD post. New coin soon to drop.

Hey crypto crew, just wanted to share my research on a new coin soon to drop. The company is called World Mobile and I’ve compiled a fair bit of info from their telegram group chat over the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy the read. Here we go!

World Mobile are a first of their kind telco operator using the sharing economy to share the revenue of the network and are working to solve a real world problem. World Mobile’s aim is to connect the unconnected. Existing telcos deem it unprofitable to build costly infrastructure in rural areas just to reach those last few people. But World Mobile has the team, the means and the tech and are launching in Africa (Check out this link to hear Charles Hoskinson talk about World Mobile ) with the rest of the world to follow in the near future.

Currently, almost half the global population don’t have internet access. So the minimum total addressable market is around 3.7B people. That’s not even counting the other half of the population who may subscribe to WM for better coverage and cheaper plans. So this means 3.7 billion people MUST join the World Mobile network if they want to access things that the connected take for granted such as healthcare, education and financial services.

And as the network runs on blockchain, and all data being sent across will translate into “transactions” it is likley to be one of the most used blockchains in existence. Imagine if they can capture only 20% of the unconnected. That will translate into tens of millions of transactions daily, inherently causing explosive price action with the crypto.

Coming from a traditional equities investment background (stock market) I am comfortable investing in World Mobile because it feels like I’m investing in a company rather than a coin. WM’s success doesn’t depend on the adoption of its crypto to make money and grow but instead it has a complementary layer of block chain integrated into the business model. And having invested in a fair few companies on the stock market, I do believe this is a unicorn of a company and of an investment, which is why I will be going all in, diversification be damned.

I know how risky this is to go all in and am not encouraging others to do the same but I just want to express my level of conviction. They did a proof of concept in a small village in Africa ( and that village has flourished since. Their telegram has constant updates of the network roll out in Zanzibar and their team is like nothing else I have seen before, boasting people from the IFC which is a private arm of the World Bank. When I dug into the management team and their advisors, it was akin to having the 1992 USA Mens Basketball Dream Team on your side. Not even exaggerating here, I was low key blown away.

At the forefront of the business model is keeping users data private. They do no sell the data of the end user. They will how ever give the choice to the end user if they do want to sell their data and let the end user be rewarded by the sale of their data.

They have a website ( and a bunch of videos in their telegram group. I feel very confident that having a tangible business not relying on the adoption of their crypto but rather a rapidly expanding business will drive this crypto minimum 10x. If someone like me who just recently dabbled in crypto is attracted to this business I can only imagine how the crypto community feels about it. Ontop of all of this, someone needs to address this problem the world is facing (#digitaldivide) and I want to get behind people I think can actually do this because it absolutely is critical to bridge the gap between the have and the have-nots. I’ve already made this point above but I want to hammer this home again. Roughly 3.7b people remain unconnected which means they are unable to communicate with the rest of us, so in this era of rapid technological advancement, they may as well be blind, deaf and mute. OK maybe a slight overexagerration but you get what I mean.

And for those who just want gains… imagine how big the crypto market will be when the other half of the world is connected and money flows in from those who metaphorically (and maybe even literally) kept their money under their mattresses.

Hope this all made sense and hope I didn’t sound too pumpy. I just believe this will change not just my life but the lives of people World Mobile connect.

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