World’s Richest Man Wants to Be Paid in Bitcoin


Would you decline getting paid in Bitcoin next time? Well, world’s richest man Elon Musk agrees he will not. Earlier in his tweets Elon has agreed to own Bitcoin and enquired about Bitcoin’s capability to carry out large transactions.



Why Elon Musk Means So Much to Bitcoin Fans

Though in reality it is just a tweet, but an asset with just few years of history garnering attention from billionaires all over the world is a statement that Bitcoin is no more a bubble as claimed by many pundits. As per Elon’s tweet he confirmed owning 0.25 BTC and today in a reply on twitter he accepted to not decline being paid in Bitcoin next time.

Recently, in a noteworthy twitter incident Elon signaled an entry to crypto world when he got engaged in a twitter discussion with pro Bitcoin MicroStrategy Inc. CEO Michael Saylor. Michael Saylor who also owns a whooping 17,732 Bitcoins advised now world’s richest man to do a $100 Billion favor to Tesla shareholders by  shifting Tesla’s balance sheet from US dollars to bitcoin.

He offered to share his playbook with Elon Musk and expected that S&P 500 companies will follow his lead once Tesla moves to Bitcoin. Elon enquired the pro Bitcoin CEO that are large transactions even possible with Bitcoin. Elon Musk is one among the billionaires crypto community is eagerly wait to enter crypto market.

Bitcoin recently surpassed Facebook’s market cap and currently stands at $759 Billion as per latest data from Coinmarketcap.



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