You can now earn Zilliqa (ZIL) from CryptoSlate via a quiz on Telegram

You will now be able to earn tokens of the high-speed blockchain app via answering quizzes on our Telegram channel.

Earn ZIL tokens

High-speed blockchain Zilliqa has partnered with CryptoSlate, your 24/7 crypto news and analysis outlet, to bring an innovative quiz contest that allows users to earn ZIL tokens.

Zilliqa is the world’s first blockchain to implement sharding on its mainnet, delivering high performance and high security for enterprises and applications. The core feature that makes Zilliqa scalable is sharding — dividing the network into several smaller component networks (called shards) capable of processing transactions in parallel.

As announced today, CryptoSlate will start sending out $ZIL related quizzes soon. It is on a first come first serve basis and will be provided to all users on CryptoSlate’s official Telegram—CryptoSlateNews.

The quiz allows users to “learn and earn” by answering the provided questions correctly. It has been made possible via the Zeeves bot, Zilliqa’s peer-to-peer reward, and engagement bot. It is the most advanced Telegram-based crypto application in the world.

What is Zeeves?

As per its site, Zeeves can handle all transactions in a secure and splendiferously quick manner. “With it, you can send/receive $ZIL, tip your fellow community members, or buy $ZIL via Telegram,” said Han Wen, SVP of ecosystem at Zilliqa.

The firm’s experts have designed Zeeves, the so-called “bot-ler” to be secure, swift, and efficient. Zeeves account holders have several other benefits as well, such as being part of its global community, which in turn come with many benefits and rewards.

Zeeves Loyalty Programme is a tiered points-based system, designed to drive and incentivize meaningful community engagement. Actions performed through our bot-ler correspond with certain points. 

Over time, one can accumulate points and benefit from special giveaways at the various levels described below. Users who sign up to Zeeves are automatically integrated into this program, and it is live until March 2021.

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