Another honest assessment that probably means nothing

[6hr chart ](

So what we see here is that we have been bouncing off of the resistance in the Ichimoku cloud and also are getting lower highs and higher lows. We are also seeing a slight bull flag pattern which we are getting to the tipping point of in about the next 24-30 hours. This can signal a few things, or mean absolutely nothing. The options that I see are:

1. At the culmination where the Ichimoku cloud and flag we dip, maybe hard maybe just down to the 33-35k range before coming back a big way.
2. Pretty much the opposite, bulls come in hard as the good news piles up and we break this resistance and soar into the 45k range where the cloud ends. (maybe even 50k area as we are nearing the end of the month options expiry.
3. We continue trending sideways before exploding

Thanks for coming and reading guys. This is my only outlet of my crypto info, as my family is not interested in the new tech and my friends have already panic sold during capitulation.

Ps. I know DCA strategy is amazing guys. I have pulled profits and am looking for good locations to DCA back in

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