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Binance, the popular crypto asset infrastructure and exchange company, today announced its expansion of enterprise services through Binance Cloud to include perpetual futures, DeFi enterprise solutions, and third-party payment solutions.

With the iteration, Binance Cloud now offers services for building DeFi products on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum for its partners globally, as well as a direct network with leading payment providers in the space, enabling partners to integrate third-party payment channels frictionlessly. Platforms built on Binance Cloud can continue to provide their users with a range of core products, including cryptocurrency trading (spot, derivatives), local currency on-and-off ramps, and desktop browser and mobile app support, leveraging Binance’s industry-leading technology, security and liquidity.

Binance launched Binance Cloud––an all-in-one enterprise solution for launching digital asset exchanges––last February, as part of its Open Platform initiative, allowing partners to take new platforms live in a matter of three to five days. Binance provides the underlying technology, security and financial management support, while Cloud partners focus on business development, operations, and building their brands with unique customization and features control. Initially only available to end users via web browsers, Binance Cloud services are now also accessible through iOS and Android markets.

“The goal with Binance Cloud is to provide the infrastructure to support any company that wants to build a digital asset exchange. Binance Cloud is a one-stop solution that delivers the Binance speed, quality and experience to more users around the world,” said Binance Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). “The Cloud team has been developing innovative new features, and will continue to work toward making Binance products available to more partners and create more tailored, localized experiences for users through Binance Cloud.”

Binance Cloud mirrors core functionalities of the Binance global exchange, ranging from its robust matching engine, trading risk controls and big data security system, to the market depth and liquidity previously only available on Binance.KR and the first licensed crypto exchange in Indonesia Tokocrypto are among the first to integrate Binance Cloud services. Binance Cloud plans to make even more features available to its partners in the near future, such as passive earnings and savings products, as well as margin trading.

The Binance Open Platform includes Binance Cloud, Binance Broker Program, Binance Widget, and Binance Access, and continues to grow in tandem with the Binance ecosystem.

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