BitCashPay – The Most Promising SEC Registered Cryptocurrency in the Philippines

Ever heard of the latest Philippine SEC-registered cryptocurrency? Not yet, well this is the perfect time that you should pay attention to. Why? Because as far as your finances are concerned, this is what you are really looking for – the most promising investment opportunity today.

Yes, you heard it right today. And little by now, you should have already developed an interest to know more about it. Simply put, upon finishing this article you could have decided to live your lifelong dream. Let’s begin.

First and foremost, what is cryptocurrency and what is SEC?

Cryptocurrency or crypto is a digital asset that can be used as a medium of exchange to buy goods and services using an online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions while SEC stands for Securities and Exchange Commission, a government instrumentality that is responsible in regulating the security markets including cryptocurrency and protecting the interest of investors.

Customarily, most people think about Bitcoin every time they hear the word crypto. However, Bitcoin is just one of the coins that are circulating in the crypto industry, albeit termed as the king of all cryptocurrencies.

So how does the SEC in the Philippines regulate cryptocurrency?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hasn’t been lenient in giving out licenses to crypto companies despite the Chairman’s statement to promote the new technology. It’s adhering to the main objective of the commission, which is protecting the interests of investors, especially those surging numbers of newcomers in the crypto space because of Bitcoin being mainstreamed.

While the SEC is skeptical and discrete about the method of regulation it is to impose on the industry, the sheer amount of new crypto tokens is coming out every day, if not hours, and people should be wary of the risks associated with this. One important thing a crypto enthusiast should consider when investing in such crypto assets is the legality of the token under the jurisdiction of the country where it was originally formed or created. And with this thought, there is one new cryptocurrency that has passed all the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission – the BitCashPay.

What is BitCashPay all about?

Bitcashpay, an all-in-one DeFi project with its token $BCP, was founded by a Filipino businessman who is also a real estate company owner and a blockchain advocate since 2015. It’s a secure blockchain infrastructure network platform and DeFi ecosystem for cashless transactions with Payment Systems, Decentralized Exchanges, Lending, Crypto Academy, Staking and Liquidity Farming and Cooperative Bank, all on just one platform.

What makes it stand out is that it’s one of the few SEC-licensed crypto companies under the name BCPAY Financial Technology Inc. that could cater for paperless and cashless transactions.

BCP has been making massive efforts to earn the trust of the public and showcasing its dedication to educate people about the importance of cryptocurrency and how to turn this to anyone’s advantage in building good wealth through its Crypto Academy.

“Opportunities are available in any economy, good or bad. If you’re positioned correctly and have the experience and knowledge, you have the greatest opportunity to acquire great deals in economic downturn,” said Mr. Fred Bruno, CEO.

Fred has been in the domain of cryptocurrency since 2015, a well-known entrepreneur, he happens to be the Founder of the first peer-to-peer Lending Company in the Philippines, President of a real-estate company, and the CEO/Founder of Richline Venture Capital a cryptocurrency investment company specialized in capital building and portfolio management.

Indeed, it’s such an overwhelming and exciting phase in the Philippine cryptocurrency industry to highlight its wholly owned token that will contribute a great impact in the economy, not just locally, but globally.

BitCashPay has more to offer! And it takes time to learn more. You can visit and check its website on the link below to learn more about the most promising SEC-registered cryptocurrency today.




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