Bitcoin and the elephant in the room

I’ve been thinking about Bitcoin lately. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about Bitcoin for some years now, but this time things took a different approach. Something made me think of Bitcoin in a different way. Many of you say that Bitcoin is great because it fights the banks, or it fights the governments, or it fights the current monetary system based on fiat currencies, or because you make money with it, or whatever. I agree on all of that. Bitcoin and blockchain can make many good things for us but… what about Satoshi Nakamoto? We know nothing about Satoshi Nakamoto, the person or people that created it. However, we know something for sure: Bitcoin is human-made. At least one person created it.

What are this person’s ideals? Ideas? Political views? Is Satoshi just a nerd in a basement, a political organization or a multinational company? These are not minor issues. Especially if we consider that it is estimated that Satoshi Nakamoto owns 1,100,000 Bitcoin, making him the 70th richest person in the world at this price ($14,300). [If Bitcoin surpasses $100,000 Satoshi will be the richest person in the world](, relegating Jef Bezzos to the second place. If Bitcoin reaches $200,000 Satoshi will double the wealth of Bezzos. Making him out of reach in decades. Passive income on steroids.

Now what if Satoshi Nakamoto has an agenda? How risky can be letting a complete stranger be the richest man in the world just like that? Can the crypto dream turn into a dystopian nightmare?

We can trust blockchain, but can we trust Satoshi?

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