Bitcoin Could Be Mirroring This Extremely Bullish Gold Fractal from the 1970s

  • Bitcoin is currently caught within a strong upswing following its recent selloff
  • Bulls are pushing the crypto towards $18,000 as they move to erase its recent losses
  • Where it trends next will depend largely on how sustainable this ongoing move higher is
  • One investor is now noting that a gold fractal from the 1970s seems to indicate that this selloff could be followed by a powerful push higher in the days and weeks ahead

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market are currently caught within a strong uptrend that has come about just a day after the cryptocurrency witnessed a massive inflow of selling pressure that caused it to erase a good portion of its recent gains.

Where it trends next will likely depend largely on whether or not buyers can push it back above $18,000. Reclaiming this level could provide a strong new support base to grow upon.

It could confirm a “V-shaped” recovery from its recent lows, potentially allowing it to see a strong upswing that pushes it beyond its previous all-time highs in the upper-$19,000 region.

It could also confirm that a gold fractal from the 1970s is in play, allowing it to see some significant upside.

Bitcoin Shows Signs of Strength as Bulls Target $18,000 

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up just over 3% at its current price of $17,700. This marks a serious upswing from its recent lows of $16,400.

These lows were set at the bottom of the recent market-wide selloff, which came about shortly after BTC faced a rejection around its previous all-time highs of $19,500.

The selling pressure seen here drove it significantly lower and could indicate that further downside is imminent.

This move was also perpetuated by a surge in regulatory fears due to recent comments from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Prominent Investor: BTC’s Latest Dip Could Confirm Bullish 1970s Gold Fractal 

Su Zhu, a prominent cryptocurrency investor and the CEO of Three Arrows Capital, explained in a recent tweet that the ongoing Bitcoin dip could be bullish because it puts in play a gold fractal from the 1970s that suggests immense upside is imminent.

“Any continued dump in BTC would be extremely bullish as it would reveal we are following the gold fractal from the 1970s, as per below by Paul Tudor Jones–the legendary macro investor who successfully used fractals to predict the 1980s stock market supercycle.”

Bitcoin’s upcoming weekly candle close should provide some insights into where it is trending in the mid-term.

A close above $18,000 could put the trend back into bulls’ control for the week ahead.

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