Cardano Founder Hopes “The Birds” will Land in March

Charles Hoskinson answered questions from the Cardano community on Pscp tv yesterday and spoke about the progress of the platform’s current projects. Hoskinson said that he expected “The Birds” to land in February, but they will now “land”  later than he had hoped. He added that delays didn’t matter in the long run, considering the scale of what Cardano is trying to achieve.

On Twitter, Hoskinson posted several cryptic messages about birds since the beginning of the year. This caused a great deal of speculation in the Cardano community online about the possibilities of a new partnership or an ongoing project.

Hoskinson has refrained from revealing any information regarding what he means by “The Birds.” Some propose that it is a contract with the Ethiopian government. But more importantly, the deal is rumored to involve an actual implementation of the Cardano cryptocurrency and platform and not simply investment.

Cardano’s efforts in Africa are broad in scope. For example, Atalia is an enterprise blockchain solution that can provide the infrastructure required to run a government.

On his AMA, Hoskinson expects the big reveal to be this month or in April. Until then, the Cardano community is left to speculate on the relevance of “the birds.”

While admitting to his own frustrations over delays, Hoskinson asked users to be patient, saying that those active in the crypto world would be familiar with the fact that change takes a long time.

Cardano’s price has formed lower highs since February 27 as a result of aggressive sellers in the market. However, buyers responded by creating higher lows. Cardano has chances of trending higher if its price pushes above $1.13. If this were to happen, the buyers could propel ADA towards the upside target at $1.44.

Cardano uses an innovative Extended UTXO accounting model to support multi-assets and smart contracts. In a UTXO model, the movement of assets is recorded in the form of a directed acyclic graph where the nodes are transactions and the edges are transaction outputs, where each additional transaction consumes some of the UTXOs and adds new ones. By checking and tracking the size, age, and amount of UTXOs being transferred around, one can extract accurate metrics about the blockchain’s usage and financial activity of the chain. Hoskinson’s company, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), is looking at developing new tracking and traceability solutions for Ethiopia’s agricultural supply chain.

In April 2019, Charles Hoskinson announced the launch of an enterprise blockchain framework that aims to provide financial services to billions of people living in African countries.

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