ICP… Biggest Launch and Dump in history

Don’t know much about internet computer.. I was going to research until it dumped.

Don’t need an internet computer to work out that it’s massive drop in less than a week that something’s not quite right.

Always a major red flag when this happens with a crypto project.. someones made obviously made a killing.. and usually at the expense of others.

The exchanges obviously have investor blood on their hands…

Apparently it was exchanging hands for $630 on Coinbase while at the same time it hit $3k+ on Binance as reported:

WTF are exchanges like Coinbase doing supporting crypto from the get go…


Remember a Coinbase listing was a bullish signal..now it’s just an invitation for their customers to get REKT.. are they doing any due diligence these days?

It took Bitcoin 8 years to reach to hit the same market cap.

Again the tech might be valid in the long run.. but at this precise moment in time something stinks with either the exchanges, IPC, DFinity or all of the above.

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