Kyber DMM Protocol Integrated As Key Liquidity Source Within 1inch Network

Kyber DMM Stands as the world’s first Dynamic Market Maker on the crypto space to date. It offers an automated market making solution that provides high capital efficiency and overall greater flexibility. Now, 1inch Network, a DEX aggregator, has announced on Twitter that this brand new AMM from Kyber will now be integrated within 1inch Network as well.

Brand New Innovations At hand

Now, the partnership between the Kyber Network and 1inch Network stands to have a number of benefits when it comes to the Kyber DMM integration. The first of which will be a dynamic fee system, with amplified high capital efficiency pools, as well. Another important factor stands from the fact that there is no third-party or central oracle involved, eliminating the risks associated with it. And finally, there’s a lower chance of trade slippage, as well.

As for what Kyber DMM even is, it touts itself as the next generation in automating market makers (AMMs), or rather decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This is due to Kyber DMM being designed with the specific goal of enabling high capital efficiency for liquidity providers as well as a method of fee optimization.

A Long Time Coming

With the launch of Kyber DMM, a brand new stage within the era of DeFi can begin. Capital efficiency and flexibility can be paired up with a permissionless liquidity contribution system, allowing for brand new innovations within the space at large.

Now, as this news, noteworthy in its own right, is coming to bear, it should be noted that Kyber Network, in particular, was very busy indeed. This integration comes directly after Kyber Network had taken a series of steps to try and address the high gas consumption problems surrounding it, including the partially permissioned model. The Kyber Network is still quite busy adopting new trends within the DeFi space, which allows developers, liquidity providers, and holders of KNC to gain an array of new benefits

Kyber 3.0 Gearing For Launch

Kyber 3.0 is already being developed by the Kyber Network, which will see the network move from a single protocol to an array of purpose-driven liquidity protocols, in turn.

As for how Kyber Network will implement this new 3.0 upgrade, it’s planning to do so through two separate phases; The katana phase and the Kaizen phase.

1inch Foundation has been quite busy as of late. The firm made partners with Ren, but decided to build on that even more. More liquidity programs were to be added, and it wasn’t long before another alliance with DigitByte was made. This allowed the Kyber Network, which allows for RnDGB to be bootstrapped within the Ethereum ecosystem.

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