Unconfirmed: Pamela Morgan on How to Pass Your Crypto Assets On to Your Heirs

Aug 31, 2018

Pamela Morgan,
a lawyer in the blockchain space and the author of Cryptoasset
Inheritance Planning, explains how you can pass on your crypto
assets to your heirs without them or anyone else getting ahold of
them beforehand. Surprisingly, the first step begins with a letter.
She explains what information to put in that letter, how to choose
helpers, and how to protect your private keys. We also discuss
 what you should do legally to help the process along and what
kind of tax prep you should follow.

Pamela has
graciously given Unconfirmed a complimentary copy of Cryptoasset
Inheritance Planning, which we’ll be giving away. To win the book,
tweet about it and tag me, @laurashin and @PamelawJD, and next
Friday I will pick a name out of a hat and announce it on next
week’s episode.

Announcement: On October 26, Pamela will be in
Chicago, where she’s teaching a 1/2 day legal workshop: Bitcoin,
Blockchain, and Smart Contact Essentials. It’s open to lawyers, law
students, and law curious. Learn more at

Thank you to
our sponsor!

Digital Asset Custody Company: https://digitalassetcustody.com


Pamela Morgan: https://empoweredlaw.com


Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning:

Wired article on Coinbase’s custody


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