UTU Protocol and Oasis Foundation Form a Strategic Alliance

UTU Protocol, a pioneer in digital models of trust infrastructure, has now joined forces with Oasis Foundation, blockchain-based scalable and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions provider, to pave the way to the amalgamation of the synergies of the two in the trust infrastructure segment. Oasis Protocol, via its Twitter account, expressed the excitement over the strategic partnership and also mentioned that it will gain leverage from UTU Protocol’s trust-enabling ecosystem. It also stated that this would allow the apps running on Oasis Protocol’s network to integrate with UTU Protocol’s trust enabled interface and credit scoring oracles. 

While UTU Protocol took to Twitter to make the alliance public—it expressed its excitement to have Oasis Foundation on board. It further mentioned that this alliance would allow its trust infrastructure and oracle solutions to be accessed via DeFi based solutions of Oasis Protocol to help transfer complete ownership of the privacy settings in the hands of the end-users.

UTU Protocol took to the blog to shed more light on the partnership and said that both partners have a win-win situation as they will bring their respective expertise to the table. While UTU Protocol will leverage from Oasis Foundation’s DeFi powered scalability and ownership of privacy transferred to the community, Oasis Protocol will gain a competitive edge by the integration of trust infrastructure onto its DeFi solutions. These DeFi solutions, thus empowered, will, in turn, introduce a greater degree of transparency, allowing easy analysis of the credit-related details of the customers, driving a better lending process. 

The blog also captured the reactions of Luca Cosentino, DeFi Product lead at Oasis Protocol, as he stated that his team is thrilled to join hands with UTU Protocol and that this will open a new window of opportunity to integrate its partner’s trust-based ecosystem with its DeFi solutions resulting in better user experience. It also presented Co-founder and CEO at UTU Protocol Jason Eisen’s views as he mentioned that his team admires its partner’s contribution in the data-privacy and trust infrastructure segment. And that both partners share a common mission to empower the users with much-needed privacy and trust in the DeFi apps. 

Other than trust ecosystem and privacy, the blog also stated that UTU Protocol’s Partner would also gain a competitive advantage by introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled features that will display relevant results and reviews and generate revenue by offering a better user experience. All in all, the alliance will transform the DeFi applications by introducing solutions in the trust-infrastructure and privacy segment.

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