YouTuber regrets spending 37 BTC in 2017 for old Hondas

TL;DR Breakdown:

  • Youtuber regrets spending 37 BTC – currently over $1.8 million – on two Honda cars.
  • If only he HODLed until now, he could purchase lots of cars with that amount.

The massive increase in the market value of Bitcoin (BTC) is unarguably causing many early weak-hand investors to regret spending their BTC holdings on somethings that are presently less valuable when compared to the cryptocurrency. The recent of them is a Youtuber. He posted a video titled “Idiot Spends $1.8 Million of Bitcoin on Old Hondas” on Monday. He felt really depressed knowing the worth of those cryptocurrencies today.

Youtuber spent $1.8 million BTC for used cars

Chris Cut, the enthusiastic Honda Youtuber, known as “NSXTRA,” narrated in the video that he paid $30,500 in Bitcoin for a used Honda NXS Targa in 2017. At the time, the price of Bitcoin was about a thousand dollars, which means he spent about 30.5 BTC. Back then, NSXTRA saw the car deal as a great offer, to the extent he called it “a steal.” This precisely happened on Valentine’s day, according to him.

Later in 2018, he purchased another Honda car with about 6.5 BTC during black Friday. At the time, the cryptocurrency was already trading at the price of $4,300 per coin. In total, he spent about 37 BTC on the Honda cars, which he regrets as these cryptocurrencies are now worth more than $1.8 million in today’s price. 

“I started doing some math, and it made me kick myself in the ass, and I feel pretty depressed,” he said. “I obviously have regrets about that because I can buy a lot of NSXs today for that price. […] Essentially, I turned 37 Bitcoins into 2 Bitcoins.”

10 Bitcoin spent in a sushi dinner party

Last year, a tech reporter in the United States had regretted spending her 10 BTC back in 2013 on a single sushi dinner party. At the time, the cryptocurrency was worth a total of $1,000. However, these same coins are currently worth over $490,000, which should buy lots of sushi meals.

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